The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on businesses across various industries, including the fitness and martial arts sector. Essex Kickboxing Academy, a renowned martial arts centre, faced the challenge of reviving their business and attracting new clients after the pandemic-induced slowdown.

This case study explores how Adsocial Media played a pivotal role in rejuvenating Essex Kickboxing Academy’s business through comprehensive social media management, content creation, and ad management, resulting in a steady influx of 15-20 new clients each month.

Client Background: 

Essex Kickboxing Academy, a leading martial arts training facility, had established a strong reputation within the community for its top-notch instructors, comprehensive training programmes, and commitment to excellence.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, forcing the academy to temporarily suspend in-person classes and limiting their ability to reach and engage with potential clients.

Challenges Faced by Gras:

  1. Business Recovery:
    The academy needed to bounce back from the setbacks caused by the pandemic and attract new clients to regain their pre-COVID momentum.

  2. Limited Online Presence:
    Essex Kickboxing Academy had minimal online visibility and lacked a comprehensive social media strategy to reach and engage with their target audience effectively.

  3. Increased Competition:
    The pandemic led to an influx of online fitness options, intensifying competition in the market. The academy needed to differentiate themselves and stand out among competitors to capture the attention of potential clients.

Approach and Solution: 

Adsocial Media devised a comprehensive strategy to address Essex Kickboxing Academy’s challenges and optimise their social media presence, employing the following key tactics:

Social Media Platform Management:

Adsocial Media took charge of managing Essex Kickboxing Academy’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They established a consistent posting schedule and optimised the content mix to engage the target audience effectively. This ensured a steady flow of engaging and informative posts that showcased the academy’s unique offerings, expert trainers, and success stories.

Compelling Content Creation:

Adsocial Media developed compelling content tailored to the academy’s target audience. They created a mix of visually captivating images and videos, educational martial arts content, success stories, and motivational posts to engage, inspire, and educate the audience. The content aimed to highlight the academy’s expertise, training programmes, and community spirit.

Ad Management and Targeted Campaigns:

To boost visibility and attract new clients, Adsocial Media implemented targeted advertising campaigns across social media platforms. They crafted customised ad campaigns designed to reach potential clients within the local area who were interested in fitness, martial arts, or self-improvement.
These campaigns effectively showcased the academy’s unique selling points, enticing potential clients to sign up for classes or request more information.

Results and Impact: 

Through Adsocial Media’s comprehensive social media management and strategic efforts, Essex Kickboxing Academy experienced remarkable results:

Increased Client Acquisition:

The revamped social media presence and targeted advertising campaigns led to a consistent influx of 15-20 new clients each month. The engaging content and compelling ads effectively captured the attention of the target audience, driving them to take action and enrol in classes.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Brand Image:

Essex Kickboxing Academy’s online presence underwent a transformation, becoming a go-to resource for martial arts enthusiasts in the local community.

The consistent and engaging social media content positioned the academy as a reputable and professional training facility, attracting both beginners and experienced individuals looking to enhance their skills.

Differentiation and Competitive Edge:

Adsocial Media’s strategic approach helped Essex Kickboxing Academy differentiate themselves from competitors.

The academy’s unique training programmes, experienced instructors, and positive testimonials were showcased effectively through social media.


Client Testimonial

Working with Adsocial Media Management turned my business around. Dan continuously put the effort in to come up with new ideas to draw attraction. He truly helped me and now I’m seeing such an increase in customers! Thank you!!

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