The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses worldwide, with restaurants being among the hardest hit. Da Vinci’s, an authentic Italian restaurant, faced the daunting task of staying profitable when everything was closed.

This case study highlights how Adsocial Media played a pivotal role in assisting Da Vinci’s during the pandemic by managing their social media platforms, implementing creative marketing initiatives, and ensuring their continued success.

Client Background: 

Da Vinci’s, an esteemed Italian restaurant, prided itself on serving delectable dishes prepared with traditional Italian recipes and the finest ingredients. However, the pandemic forced the closure of dine-in services, leaving Da Vinci’s facing financial uncertainty.

Challenges Faced by Gras:

Loss of Revenue:

The closure of the restaurant meant a significant loss of revenue, as the main source of income, dine-in customers, was no longer available.

Limited Online Presence:

Da Vinci’s had minimal online presence, making it challenging to reach and engage with customers during the lockdown.

Approach and Solution: 

Adsocial Media devised a strategic plan to help Da Vinci’s overcome the challenges and maintain profitability during the pandemic, employing the following key tactics:

Social Media Platform Management:

Adsocial Media took charge of managing Da Vinci’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. With a focus on visually attractive posts, they ensured consistent and engaging content to captivate the audience.

Eye-catching food imagery, recipe tips, and glimpses behind the scenes were shared to maintain interest and foster a sense of connection with customers.

Creative Marketing Initiatives:

Adsocial Media collaborated closely with Da Vinci’s to develop innovative marketing initiatives. One such initiative was the introduction of “Make Your Own Pizza Packs.”

Customers could purchase these packs containing pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions to recreate Da Vinci’s renowned pizzas at home.

This initiative not only provided customers with a fun and interactive experience but also served as an additional revenue stream for the restaurant during the closure.

Results and Impact: 

Through Adsocial Media’s efforts, Da Vinci’s successfully navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic and achieved impressive results:

Financial Resilience:

The introduction of the “Make Your Own Pizza Packs” initiative proved to be a game-changer for Da Vinci’s. It allowed the restaurant to generate revenue even when dine-in services were closed.

This innovative offering resonated with customers, providing them with a taste of Da Vinci’s authentic Italian experience from the comfort of their own homes.

As a result, Da Vinci’s not only survived the pandemic financially but also emerged as a testament to adaptability and resilience.

Continued Business Boom:

The strategic social media management and the success of the “Make Your Own Pizza Packs” initiative laid a strong foundation for Da Vinci’s post-pandemic success.

As restrictions lifted, customers flocked back to the restaurant to enjoy the dine-in experience they had been longing for.

The engaging social media presence built during the closure period continued to attract new customers, creating a loyal customer base that contributed to the ongoing success and growth of Da Vinci’s.


Adsocial Media’s partnership with Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant during the challenging times of the pandemic proved instrumental in their ability to stay profitable and thrive.

By effectively managing social media platforms and implementing innovative marketing initiatives like the “Make Your Own Pizza Packs,” Da Vinci’s not only weathered the storm but also positioned itself as an adaptable and customer-focused establishment. 

The collaboration between Adsocial Media and Da Vinci’s serves as a powerful example of how strategic online presence and creative marketing initiatives can help businesses not only survive but also flourish, even during the most challenging times.


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I can’t believe how much easier it is to work with Adsocial than previous companies! Always pushing me or coming up with other ideas to move my business forward, without me chasing them! With my businesses best interests at heart , I can’t recommend them enough!!

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